Baguio Catering Service at Its Best

We know how taxing it can be to host a party, regardless of how small or big it is. You need to think of the budget, your guests, the venue, a suitable theme/decoration, the entertainment and, most importantly, the food and drinks. It can be overwhelming especially if you are not used to such task. Neither does it get any easier even after many events under your name. Each event is unique in its own way needing a different energy and perspective.

But you don’t have to worry. We are here to help you out. Kuya Ponz Catering Service in Baguio is your trusted and reliable partner in any of your special events.


• Catering
Planning a menu is a huge responsibility, more so if you are feeding a hundred hungry guests.Think about the differences in taste, age of your guests, religious restrictions and other dietary concerns they may have. Coming up with the perfect menu is no easy task.

To be able to provide efficient catering services, one needs experience, and that is one of our strengths. We have catered to several events and occasions in Baguio and in a few other areas in Benguet. You can check some photos here. We have dealt with different cuisines of choice with dietary and budgetary restrictions. We will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure that every detail you want is achieved. We will also provide you with professional advice on what works best, what can be improved, and what alternatives to take in case original plans do not work out.

Whatever menu you have in mind, our professional team will do our best to achieve it, if not improve on it even more. Our dishes are made from fresh ingredients, preferably from local produce, and are cooked to perfection. You will taste homemade goodness with every bite. When it comes to Baguio City catering service, Kuya Ponz is the name you can trust.

• Rentals
We provide not only delectable dishes for you and your guests but also the necessary number of tables, chairs and tents. If you decide to do your own cooking, we will still be glad to be of help through these event rentals to ensure that your guests have a comfortable place to dine in. And if you choose an outdoor venue that requires some tents, we have you covered as well.

• Packed Lunch
Going for a field trip, camping or simply in need of packed lunch for an event? We have your back! We also cater to packed lunches for any occasion or activity. Simply browse through our menu to check out the orders you want.